• New plumbing systems installed for new construction or additions
  • Repair or replacement of any existing plumbing fixtures or apparatuses
  • Installation or sales of any plumbing fixtures


  • Installation or sales of Boilers for replacement
  • Repair or alterations of Hot Water or Steam Heating Systems
  • Installations of separate or additional heat zones
  • Installation of Radiant Heat Systems
  • Combustion analysis and tune ups


  • Complete or partial bathroom remodels
* We provide all the services necessary for whatever your needs are. Assessment made by appointment only. All work to be quoted and contracted.


  • Installation, sales, and services of Well Pumps, Well Tanks, Well Points and associated piping


  • Installation or sales of any type of Water Heaters


  • Water testing and evaluation
  • Installation and sales of Water Softeners, Water Filters, and Water Conditioners
* Water samples are analyzed for basic AESTHETIC contamination such as hardness, iron, manganese, tannins, total dissolved solids, etc. These tests will NOT determine the microbiological or chemical suitability of the water sent. For such tests, consult your local Board of Health or certified laboratory.


  • Installation, sales, or replacement of Oil Tanks and piping


  • Installation, sales, or replacement of any gas piping/natural or propane
  • Installation , sales, or replacement of Gas Log Burners
  • Install piping for; Ranges, Dryers, Grills, Water Heaters, Furnaces, and Boilers


  • Installation of Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water Systems


Customer Testimonials

Simply amazing. In a day when many companies SAY that they care and put the customer first? Colony Plumbing "walks their talk." My boiler wasn't acting right and there wasn't any heat in our house - and we have two young children. I called two other "major family business" local companies, at 9am in the morning, one of which had serviced our house in the past.....including delivering oil to us on more than one occasion. Unfortunately for us, even in this emergency situation, I was told by the first "family business," that "someone would get back to me that day, as they had many appointments already..." (they didn't get back to me until the next day in the afternoon????) The second company said they also were too busy, and this is the company that we had our oil delivered from, but that they could refer ANOTHER company to us. I called that company, only to be told that THEY were too busy but they'd try and would give us a call back - which hasn't happened at the time of this writing. Well....I didn't know what to do. I let Colony Plumbing know my situation and Scott (the owner) and his daughter Sarah, came RIGHT OUT to our home. They not only got our boiler going again but told us what caused the problem and how to correct it going forward. Two hours later Scott called me, to check in to make sure that our heat was going and to ensure that our house was warming up. Now ALL of THAT is making sure that a customer is "completely satisfied," and taken care of - as if we were his own family. I can't recommend Colony enough, especially as a sales person myself. I will only be using Colony in the future for my family's plumbing and heating needs. The ONLY negative? Is that THEY don't deliver oil (smile)! Thanks Colony!

Steven King, Jr.

Google Review

I called Colony in an emergency when my furnace stopped working in the really cold weather and they came out right away, even though it was after 4pm. Scott diagnosed the problem, found the part in Hartford, ran into Hartford to pick it up and came back and installed the new part. The furnace works great again. I have used Colony Plumbing for a while and they have always gone above-and-beyond to get the job done. His apprentice, Sarah was also with him and she was helpful in getting the job done quickly.

Adrienne Andrews

Google Review